Yoga Basics Against the Wall

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

I love practicing yoga outside and I love practicing yoga using the support of a wall. So in this video I did both!!!!

Using the wall allows us to focus on our posture and alignment. It also helps with poses which require balance.

We are going to start with standing positions and finish lying down on the floor.

Stay hydrated and have fun!

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Gentle Yoga For Your Knees

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

In today’s practice we’ll be focusing on our knee joint.

I find that the most common restrictions we experience while searching is our spine, hips or knees.

In this video I’ll be showing ways to protect the knees during our yoga practice.

Make sure you have a blanket, bolster or pillow and a strap at hand.

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Chair Yoga

Namaste Yogis and Yoginis!

Grab yourself a comfortable chair with no arms, back support and make sure you can touch the floor with your feet. We are doing chair yoga!

Chair yoga is great for beginners, senior citizens, anyone with limited mobility or any experienced yogi looking for a new way to perform their yoga practice.

I will be taking you through a short, simple routine to stretch and strengthen your entire body. All you need is your beautiful self and your trusty chair.

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Yoga Standing Poses to Build Foundation.

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

Build a strong foundation by practicing these basic Hatha yoga poses.

Through standing poses we improve balance, establish core strength, build overall strength and stability.

While in these positions, focus on working from the ground up. Start at your feet, through the legs…core…chest…shoulders, all the way to the top of the head.

Don’t worry if you shake that’s a good thing! It means your doing it right!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


Ultimate Cat Yoga

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

Today I’m posting something a little fun for you.

I’m a total cat person. I love their attitude, their cuddliness, their independence and their affection for their people. I subscribe to a wonderful animator on YouTube who draws animated shorts which I think captures the essence of felines. The channel is called “Simon’s Cat” and today I saw a vid I think is purrrfect (sorry 😋)  to post on my blog.

It’s titled “Ultimate Cat Yoga”…enjoy!

Beginner Yoga Against A Wall


Practice beginner Hatha yoga poses against a wall with me. This is one of my favourite routines because it forces me to put extra effort into my alignment and posture. Not to mention there is an oh so delicious Shavasana with your legs up the wall which does wonders for your back and helps with insomnia. Enjoy and please don’t forget to like and subscribe and share your comments below. Also check out my YouTube channel for more great yoga videos

Yoga And Emotions: The Not So Mellow Hippie

Hi yogis and yoginis!

Today I want to talk about the different emotions I experience during or after my practise and how it’s not always pretty.

What’d you say!? Isn’t yoga supposed to relax and get rid of negative feelings? Sometimes yes, but then I have those days where I feel extreme anger especially during a Kundulini or Vinyasa practise. You see, I have come to realise that yoga doesn’t allow me to forget that I am human. A red blooded human with ego, greed, jealousy, loneliness, frustration, competitiveness and all those ugly feelings we wish we didn’t have. What yoga DOES do however is to force us to face and acknowledge those feelings so hopefully we can deal with them while away from our mat.

In Kundulini yoga we often practise a lot of vigorous breath work for long periods of time, especially while performing breath of fire, where we pull in a lot of air and fire into our bodies. This is a very masculine and aggressive element, so it’s not uncommon to feel very angry after. I’ve had moments where I’ve said to myself “I didn’t know I was so mad at this person, I want to punch them in the face”! Yes…yogis have those feelings too! The good news is this gives me the opportunity to face the situation without cowering away from it and hopefully coming up with a good solution. We keep so much bottled up inside of us for various reasons, perhaps we want to fit in, maybe we don’t want to face judgment or we want to keep up some sort of image we have of ourselves. The more we do this the more negative emotions we store in our cells or we get that mysterious stomach ache, tightness in our muscles, headaches, etc. It may sound cliché but our mind and our bodies are much more connected than we realize.

During my Yin practise I have had moments of frustration, sometimes as little as “oh…I wish I could be more comfortable in this pose”.

Other times I had a very cleansing cry after. Yin yoga is a series of poses – mostly hip openers – held for 3 to 5 minutes with very little talking. Therefore, it becomes a very introspective experience without any distractions. Hip openers are very connected to the second chakra which holds our emotional and creative side. I have found that this practise can help with issues of forgiveness for yourself and others. It also increases our creative potential and feminine sexuality.

With my Vinyasa practise I experience feeling of impatience, disappointment and jealousy. Jealousy towards yogis who are better than me. Yes, I know…this is very immature of me.

After all, it’s our competiveness which makes us push ourselves harder and do better. With that being said, I very much admire all these yogis and am grateful that I feel challenged by them.

I guess the moral of the story is; don’t be afraid of the human experience, it is what it is for a reason, with all its shit and glory. After all, you can’t appreciate the sweet without the bitter. Accept all your feelings, even the nasty ones and deal with them, face them head on and stop hiding. Allow yoga to help you with this and remember, it ok to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all!

I’d really love to hear about your own experiences. What emotions bubble up to the surface when you are doing yoga? Please tell me about them in the comment section below and don’t forget to leave a like, subscribe and share my blog. You can also check out my YouTube channel by clicking on the link.