Yin Yoga for the Heart and Lung Meridian

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

Open up your heart and lungs with this Yin yoga practice. Improve your posture, breath, boost your self confidence and improve the flow of your chi.

Yin yoga is based on the Taoist tradition of yin-yen energy. It relies heavily on utilizing the energies from your bodies major organs such as: heart, lungs, kidneys, gal bladder stomach and spleen. They refer to these energies as meridians. Taoists believe when one or more of these energies are blocked it disrupts the flow of chi and imbalances occur within yourself.

This Yin yoga focuses on the heart and lung meridians. I’ll be putting lots of emphasis on deep chest, shoulders and upper spine openers. Remember, we’ll be holding each pose for 3 minutes. Make sure you’re as comfortable as possible and I find it helps to put a blanket over your mat.

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Yoga to De-stress and Make Your Body Feel Good

Namaste friends!

If you’ve been feeling stressed, anxious, irritated, tired, or tight anywhere in you body, then this is the perfect video for you.
I have three goals for you in this video:

  1. I want you to de-stress,
  2. I want you to feel open from your head to your toes,
  3. I want you to feel stretched through your whole body.

I keep all the poses passive and on the floor. Focus on the routine but don’t worry about how you look in each pose.

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Kundalini Kriya to Become Crystal Clear

Namaste yogis!

Clear your head with me! This Kundalini yoga Kriya to Becoming Crystal Clear will increase your creativity, energize you, strengthen your arms and help you make decisions.

Get ready for a lot of crazy arm work. It may look weird but it works. Remember stay hydrated, during Kundalini yoga. We pull in a lot of fiery energy into our mind and body therefore it’s important to balance that with yin energy – like drinking water. I made sure we get a nice stretch before and after since the Kriya specifically involves a lot of sitting.

Most of all have fun and don’t put pressure on yourself to go past the point of discomfort or pain. Feel free to comment and ask me questions. Please like, share and subscribe to my YouTube channel as well.




Yoga Chest Openers and Backbends

Hi Yogis!

Improve spinal flexibility, lengthen your core, see the world through a different perspective, improve posture, open your heart chakra, correct roundness of the shoulders with this chest opener and backbend routine.

I love backbends! there is such a sense of play and a childlike quality when it comes to these Asanas. I feel so long and strong after a series of backbends. I decided to combine some of my favorite chest openers and included them in this routine because I think they’re so connected.

Please listen to your body and take your time getting into these positions. Remember, I’m just here to guide you but YOU ARE THE BOSS! Also, I did forget to include a Savasana at the end which is important…sorry. Therefore, I strongly advise you to take a nice long Savasana to relax after such an intense workout.

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Namaste sweet Yogis!

Yoga Spinal Twists To Aid Digestion

Twist with me baby!!!

Aid digestion, help lower back pain and strengthen the oblique muscles within this lovely cleansing set.

I will take you through different variations of spinal twist from seated, to standing and table top position. Plus, we get to finish it off with Breath of Fire which is a very popular way to clean out the blood stream, increase vitality, energize, increase creativity, stimulate the navel point, strengthen the core and increase awareness in Kundalini yoga.

Breath of Fire is a very vigorous breathing technique which sounds like a dog panting. Please slow it down to long breathing if you start to feel dizzy. Very importantly ladies, if you’re in the first 3 days of your menstrual cycle – long deep breaths are fine.

Most of all I hope you enjoy this cleansing set.

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Beginner Vinyasa Flow

Flow with me divine beings, and fill your heart with the power of the sun.

In this video I will take you through a beginner Vinyasa Flow routine designed to help you come up with Asanas which flow well together.

Vinyasa basically means to arrange something in a special way. Think of this as a foundation of any Vinyasa routine. Vinyasa Ashtanga or Power Yoga is great for burning calories, building stamina, increasing your strength and balance.

In this practise be prepared to sweat and move from pose to pose quickly, as well as moving up and down on almost a constant basis with very short breaks. Try to avoid having a big meal before the practice and save the feasting for later and keep hydrated.

Vinyasa A and Vinyasa B – which are also known as Surya Namaskar A and Surya Namaskar B – are a set of sun salutation or Asanas expressing gratitude to the sun. The transitions are just as important as the actual poses.

Most of all, have fun. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do the routine super fast. It’s completely OK to flow through each Vinyasa slowly and carefully until you feel more comfortable to speed up.

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Yin Yoga For Your Lower Body

I hope you enjoy this Yin yoga routine to release the psoas muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Since Yin yoga is such an introspective practise I have included this poem I wrote a few months back called “The Eleventh Tank”.

The Eleventh Tank

Let the universe take a snapshot of my thoughts
Carefully placing it in a puzzle of eternity
Creating a ripple effect of belonging
All lonely hearts strung together
Collecting synergy of parallel existence

Let it boil over and turn into a gentile hiss
That only the awakened can hear
Becoming the best-kept secret untouched
Hovering over the masses in perfect circles

Let my stillness move through the unseen
My closed eyes see through blackness
Cables attached deep in my neck
Use me – my strength, my vulnerability
As I float here in the eleventh tank

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Kundalini Yoga: The 10 Bodies Kriya

Try this beautiful Kundalini Yoga Kriya with me and open your 10 bodies. Kundalini yogis believe we have 10 bodies which are:

1. Soul Body

2. Negative Mind

3. Positive Mind

4. Neutral Mind

5. Physical Body

6. Archline

7. Aura

8. Pronic Body

9. Subtle Body

10. Radiant Body

We start each Kundalini Kriya by chanting :

Guru dev

…3  to 5 times – This is a calling to all the teachers who came before you and of course; the most important teacher which lies within you!

The final chant at the end is a protection mantra:

Ad gury name
Jugad gury nameh
Sat gury nameh
Siri guru devay nameh

Kundalini yogis also believe that there is a female serpent lying dormant at the base of your spine just waiting to be awoken. Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into together and WAKE HER UP!!!

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Ashtanga Yoga for Beginners

If you have never tried Ashtanga flow before THIS is the perfect routine for you! Flow with me slowly with each pose explained so there’s no frustration. Enjoy!!!

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Beginner Yoga Against A Wall


Practice beginner Hatha yoga poses against a wall with me. This is one of my favourite routines because it forces me to put extra effort into my alignment and posture. Not to mention there is an oh so delicious Shavasana with your legs up the wall which does wonders for your back and helps with insomnia. Enjoy and please don’t forget to like and subscribe and share your comments below. Also check out my YouTube channel for more great yoga videos