Yoga for Anxious Moments

Namaste yogis and yoginis!!

If you’re having a rough day, feeling insecure, struggling to calm yourself, this is the session for you.

It’s short, slow and simple. We’ll be focusing on breathing and stretching to calm the nervous system down.

All you will need is your beautiful self and a mat or a blanket.

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Yoga For Weightlifters

Namaste yogis and yoginis!
Contrary to popular belief, yoga and weightlifting go hand in hand.
I have prepared a 30 minute hatha yoga for weight lifters vid for you.
Muscle cells accumulate lactic acid due to heavy weight lifting. Yoga can help to flush lactic acid out from overworked muscles. Adding a yoga routine a few times a week along with weight lifting can help prevent injury and reduce recovery time. All you will need is your mat.
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Music by: Sonic Yogi – Native American Flute (2hz Binaural Beat)
Original song length shortened to fit video.
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Yin Yoga for Self Acceptance

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

It’s been a while since I filmed.

I’m very happy to say that I’m bringing my channel back!

I have prepared a full body yin yoga session for you today. All you will need is a mat, blanket and a block. Most of all remember to enjoy yourself!!

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Vinyasa Flow Bite

Namaste Yogis and Yoginis!

In today’s video I’ll be talking you through a short vinyasa based practice.

Vinyasa flow is deeply rooted with pranayama (breath). As we flow through poses our breath guides our movement. In most Vinyasa based classes there is a series of poses strung together, which differs from other yoga styles such as Hatha, where the idea is to focus on one pose at a time.

In almost all of traditional Vinyasa classes there is a series of sun salutations.

All you will need is your mat and your beautiful self.

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Yin Yoga for Detoxification

Namaste Yogis and Yoginis!

Sorry I haven’t had a chance to post a new video until now. I have been extremely busy with school and haven’t had too much free time to make more. I’m learning a lot and can’t wait to show you all.

In today’s yin yoga class we’ll be focusing on digestion.

Twists are great to detoxify your system and for aiding with back pain. We’ll be doing a couple of these in the video.

Make sure you have lots of props and a blanket in order to comfortably melt into each delicious pose.

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10 Minute Meditation

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

In this video I want to challenge you to participate in a 10 minute meditation with me.

Yoga is preparation for meditation and the benefits of meditation are endless. You can sit on your mat, chair or couch, but you don’t need to.

Sit in a comfortable cross legged position. Breath in and out through your nose counting to 5 on each inhale and exhale. Pause during each inhale and exhale. If you experience any thoughts going through your head, don’t worry that’s normal, just keep focusing on your breath.

Enjoy your meditation journey.

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Hatha Flow for Glutes and Abs

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

In today’s Hatha yoga flow we’ll be focusing on our core and gluts.

Core strength is so important-it is our power house. Not to mention how deeply connected our core is to overall balance.

Our gluts help to stabilize the knees. Very helpful tool especially as we age.

All you need is your mat and to have fun.

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5 Minute Meditation Session

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

In today’s video we’ll be meditating for 5 minutes.

The benefits to meditation are countless, not mention it is the foundation of any yoga practice. It’s basically like taking your brain to the gym. It allows you to think clearer, open your imagination and calm your nervous system down.

Sit in a comfortable cross legend position with your forefinger to thumb.
The more you practice meditation the better.

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Laughter Yoga for the Soul

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

Yes! I’m doing another laughter yoga session. I have to admit, it’s kind of my new obsession and I hope you enjoy them too.

Just by laughing for twenty minutes a day we can boost our hearts immune system, improve circulation and release endorphins.
Laughter provides more confidence and boosts energy and its just so darn fun!

Laugh with me yoginis!

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Hatha Yoga Hip Openers

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

Release and strengthen your hips with me, through this Hatha yoga routine.

Due to our sedentary lifestyle, most of us hold a lot of tightness through our hips and gluts, and as a fitness and yoga instructor I can honestly say yoga is by far the best way to open all these tight areas.

All you will need is your mat.

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