Yoga Facial

Namaste yogis and yoginis!!!

I have prepared a super relaxing yoga facial for you to enjoy!

This easy do it yourself facial will stimulate blood flow through your face and target osrticular pressure points connected to our meridians such as our, kidneys, spleen,liver and golblader. Keeping these organs open healthy is so important.

I was thinking, we spend so much time working on our body, but our face needs regular exersize too. All you need is a blanket or mat, or just stay on comfortable couch.

I hope this facial makes you feel fantastic and that it gives you that special glow!!!

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Laughter Yoga

Namaste yogis and yoginis!!

This was my favorite video thus far; Laughter Yoga!

I had so much fun and I truly felt as though I realized something by the end of the laughter yoga session.

Laughter yoga includes….. Laughing! Yeah you guessed it, deep breathing and clapping.

You won’t even need your mat, just your beautiful self. Don’t worry about what your laugh sounds like, it may feel forced at first but I promise you will be laughing your butt of by the end!

This laughter yoga session made me feel like a child without a care in the world just playing and creating exuberant amounts of joy!!!
Laughter yoga has the power to change your life. Give it a shot!

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Yoga to Open the Heart Chakra and Fight Depression

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

Today were gonna open the forth Chakra: The heart Chakra.

The heart Chakra is green in color and it governs everything that deals with the ability to love.

This is why we’ll be focusing on chest and shoulder openers. Chest openers also build confidence and help to fight depression.

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Breath of Fire Tutorial

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

Breath of fire also known as “Skull Luster”, because its as though you’re shining your skull, is highly energizing and cleansing breath.
It strengthens the core, cleans out the blood stream and boost your metabolism.

You can practice breath of fire standing, siting or lying down. Try to keep your inhale and exhale at a relatively equal rhythm.

You want start by filing the belly up with lots of air and than keep pumping the belly toward the spine.

Remember if you get dizzy please stop or slow down.

If you have any questions please send me a comment or just let me know how Breath of Fire makes you feel.

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Yin Yoga for Spine and Hips

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

I’ve put together a deliciously healing yin yoga routine for you to help with back pain and tight hips!

There is no better way to do this than with yin yoga since the practice is more about flexibility and getting into all our cold tissue such as the ligaments and fascia.

All the poses are done on the floor so feel free to sit on a blanket.Take your time getting into each pose and allow yourself to melt into it slowly…

… Most of all enjoy!

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Yoga Basics Against the Wall

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

I love practicing yoga outside and I love practicing yoga using the support of a wall. So in this video I did both!!!!

Using the wall allows us to focus on our posture and alignment. It also helps with poses which require balance.

We are going to start with standing positions and finish lying down on the floor.

Stay hydrated and have fun!

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Kundalini Yoga Kriya to Master Your Domain

Namaste yogis and yoginis!!!!

Get ready to master your domain!

This short kriya will fire you up from the bottom to the top.

We have all this space around us. This space holds energy.

Through learning to master our domain we can pull this energy into our bodies, reviving us and filing us with life, vigor and love.
All you will need is a mat, and a block. You can do all these moves for 2 to 3 minutes if you so choose.

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Have wonderful time mastering your domain.


Yoga for Tight Neck and Shoulders

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

I’m suffering from a serous case of neck and shoulder stiffness today.

Today’s practice is a little on the selfish side for me however roundness of the shoulders is so common.

Not only will this practice help with that but it will lengthen and release the neck, shoulder and chest muscle.

Have a strap, bolster and brick ready to go. Most of all, enjoy the much needed time for yourself.

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Yoga to Open the Solar Plexus Chakra

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

In today’s practice we’ll be opening our third chakra – the solar plexus – which is located between the navel, and just below the chest.

It’s yellow in colour and it governs any issues dealing with action, determination and confidence.

In Sanskrit this chakra is known as Manipura – The River of 7 Jewels.

Well be focusing on our core and mid back. Planks, downward facing dogs and breathing of fire.
Make sure you drink lots of water when you need to and have fun!!!!!

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Gentle Yoga For Your Knees

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

In today’s practice we’ll be focusing on our knee joint.

I find that the most common restrictions we experience while searching is our spine, hips or knees.

In this video I’ll be showing ways to protect the knees during our yoga practice.

Make sure you have a blanket, bolster or pillow and a strap at hand.

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