Yoga Standing Poses to Build Foundation.

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

Build a strong foundation by practicing these basic Hatha yoga poses.

Through standing poses we improve balance, establish core strength, build overall strength and stability.

While in these positions, focus on working from the ground up. Start at your feet, through the legs…core…chest…shoulders, all the way to the top of the head.

Don’t worry if you shake that’s a good thing! It means your doing it right!

Enjoy and let me know what you think!



Yin Yoga For The Liver and Gallbladder Meridians

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

We’re getting “Yin” deep into our liver and gallbladder.

The liver controls muscle health and it is the primary chemical factory of the body. It controls the health of tendons, hands, feet and nails. Your gallbladder stores bile which it releases into your small intestines to breakdown fats from foods. Therefore, it’s so important to keep these organs healthy.

Yin yoga is based on the Taoist tradition and Chinese medicine.

In this yin yoga practice we’ll be focusing on hip openers(my favorite 🙂 🙂 🙂 ) and side body stretches. Keep in mind that well be holding each position from 1 to 3 minutes so get as comfortable as you can and try not to fight against the stretch, the more you let go the more flexible you become.

Have lots of props ready to go and enjoy the release!


Silent Yoga Flow

Namaste yogis and yoginis!!!!!

I’m trying something new in this video, I’ll be giving you a brake from my constant talking and flow through a full body Hatha yoga routine in silence.

I’m hoping that this will give you the chance to simply focus on your breath and your yoga practice with no distractions.

I will take you to quieting your mind, a short warm up, some sun salutations, standing poses, bringing you back to the floor for some core work, a short cool down and finally into savasana.

Let me know what you think of this yoga flow and if you would like to see more like it by leaving me a comment below.

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Yoga to Help With PMS

Namaste yogis and yoginis!!!!!

Have you been feeling irritable, cranky, sweaty, sweaty, hard to get along with???? Perhaps that time of the month is near and PMS is here!

So put down the chocolates and do some light yoga flow for PMS with me!

I will take you threw a gentle Hatha yoga routine focusing on chest openers and positions to stretch your pelvic wall muscles. Stretching the pelvis helps to elevate cramps.

Have fun and let me know what you think!

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Post Holiday Yin Yoga De-stress

Namaste yogis and yoginis!!!

The most stressful time of the year is over!!!!

I’ve prepared this one hour yin yoga class to stretch your whole body.

Make sure you have a mat, blanket, block and a strap ready to go.

Remember to always listen to your knees in Yin yoga, especially since so much of this practice is done on the floor and all the positions are held for so long.

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Hatha Yoga to Open The Sacral Chakra and Ignite Creativity

Namaste yogis and yoginis!!

Open your second chakra (Sacral Chakra) with me.

The sacral chakra is located between your naval point and sex organs. Therefore, I have prepared a series of hip openers, forward folds, and the bridge position to open this chakra up. The Sacral Chakra governs anything having to do with creativity, femininity, and the water element.

You can help to open the chakra off the mat by drinking lots of water or by reading, writing, dancing, singing, eating fruit or by wearing the color orange. If the chakra is weak or blocked one might feel angry, irritable, lethargic, have sexual problems or have some kind of creative blockage. It’s important to keep all 7 chakras strong because if even one chakra is out of balance it sucks the energy from the rest.

Prepare a mat and a blanket. Have a strap and a block handy, and get ready for your creative energy to explode.

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Kundalini Yoga To Energize

Namaste yogis and yoginis!!!

Let’s awaken that vibrant serpent at the base of your spine with this short but fiery Kundalini yoga energizer!!!

Be ready for some vigorous breath work and movement. There’s nothing like a little breath of fire to keep you going through this stressful time of the year.

Breath of fire is a a shallow, rapid way of breathing which sounds like a dog panting.

You’ll want to fill your tummy up with lots of air and pump your belly button up and into the spine on the exhale. Breath in and out through the nose only. Please don’t forget to stop and breath normally if you start feeling dizzy or nauseous.

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Hatha Yoga to Energize

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

That oh so stressful season is upon us once again, so let’s get fired up and energize with this Hatha yoga flow routine to keep our stamina up for all our shopping, decorating and cooking. Be ready to be up, down and all around.

I hope you enjoy.

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Yin Yoga to Open Your Hips

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

It is time to release pent up emotion by opening your hips.

Think of your hips as emotional storage lockers. Because we have so much cold tissue running all through our hips – like the fascia and ligaments – hip openers in Yin yoga are so beneficial to both our mind and body. I can’t think of any better way to release our hips and legs than a yin style practice such as this one.

In Yin yoga we hold each pose for a relatively long time. Anywhere from 1-8 minutes. Therefore, the Asanas allow for a very deep stretch and opening through our cold tissue.

Please make sure you have lots of props ready to go such as pillows, a blanket and a block or two. Don’t forget, because it is a Yin style practice you don’t want to pressure yourself to go to far. Try to find your sweet spot and allow yourself to melt into each shape.

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Yoga to Open the Root Chakra

Namaste yogis and yoginis!

Have you been feeling a little out of sorts lately? Having trouble staying grounded? Feeling insecure? It could be a sign that your root chakra is out of balance.

We have 7 chakras running through our body.
The root chakra is the first. It’s located at the base of your spine and it’s red in color.

One of the best ways to strengthen our root chakra is to perform Asanas which root you to the earth or any poses which push the base of your spine to the sky.

The root chakra rules anything that has to do with our roots such as money, family our home or just general feeling of security.
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Stay grounded.