Yin Yoga For Your Lower Body

I hope you enjoy this Yin yoga routine to release the psoas muscles, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Since Yin yoga is such an introspective practise I have included this poem I wrote a few months back called “The Eleventh Tank”.

The Eleventh Tank

Let the universe take a snapshot of my thoughts
Carefully placing it in a puzzle of eternity
Creating a ripple effect of belonging
All lonely hearts strung together
Collecting synergy of parallel existence

Let it boil over and turn into a gentile hiss
That only the awakened can hear
Becoming the best-kept secret untouched
Hovering over the masses in perfect circles

Let my stillness move through the unseen
My closed eyes see through blackness
Cables attached deep in my neck
Use me – my strength, my vulnerability
As I float here in the eleventh tank

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3 thoughts on “Yin Yoga For Your Lower Body

  1. I’ve just started exploring yoga and your videos are so good and easy to follow! “Quiet our monkey minds” haha omg I needed this x

    Liked by 1 person

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