Kundalini Yoga: The 10 Bodies Kriya

Try this beautiful Kundalini Yoga Kriya with me and open your 10 bodies. Kundalini yogis believe we have 10 bodies which are:

1. Soul Body

2. Negative Mind

3. Positive Mind

4. Neutral Mind

5. Physical Body

6. Archline

7. Aura

8. Pronic Body

9. Subtle Body

10. Radiant Body

We start each Kundalini Kriya by chanting :

Guru dev

…3  to 5 times – This is a calling to all the teachers who came before you and of course; the most important teacher which lies within you!

The final chant at the end is a protection mantra:

Ad gury name
Jugad gury nameh
Sat gury nameh
Siri guru devay nameh

Kundalini yogis also believe that there is a female serpent lying dormant at the base of your spine just waiting to be awoken. Let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into together and WAKE HER UP!!!

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