Beginner Yoga Against A Wall


Practice beginner Hatha yoga poses against a wall with me. This is one of my favourite routines because it forces me to put extra effort into my alignment and posture. Not to mention there is an oh so delicious Shavasana with your legs up the wall which does wonders for your back and helps with insomnia. Enjoy and please don’t forget to like and subscribe and share your comments below. Also check out my YouTube channel for more great yoga videos


4 thoughts on “Beginner Yoga Against A Wall

  1. HI, Marta! Thanks for stopping by my blog, liking my fitness fun post and signing up to follow it. I hope you get some benefits from it. I admire your yoga posts. I don’t do a lot of yoga any more, but I dated a yoga teacher about 30 years ago and got heavily into it then. Even though I don’t practice regularly, I use what I learned about breath control every day of my life. It is also useful for putting myself to sleep at night. Best of luck in your pursuits!

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