Welcome to Yogaliciouse Life. I’m Marta Justyna, a fitness and yoga instructor in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I have participated in and taught many different workouts throughout the years. In my personal experience, yoga is hands down the most beneficial, both physically and emotionally. This is why I am so passionate about sharing yoga with you my readers. Whether you have never stepped on a mat before, or you are a seasoned Yogi, you are welcome here! Let me help you make this life so deliciously yours!

I could sit here and tell you about how yoga has given me more flexibility or physical strength, but instead I will share 5 ways in which yoga has helped me travel through life beyond the matt. Now keep in mind, all of these are still very much a work in progress.

  1. Self Awareness

As we get older we get to know our selves better, what we like and don’t like, how we want to conduct ourselves.  However, yoga helps guide us to get to that place quicker and on a deeper level. It forces us to ask the really hard questions such as: Who am I? A woman, mother, fitness instructor…what’s underneath all that? What are you here for? What kind of footprint do you wish to leave once you’ve gone from this earth? You see…yoga is not just a workout it’s a philosophy; a philosophy that helps you to realise how and where you fit in this crazy world of ours.

  1. Self Acceptance

Now this is probably the hardest out of all five. Like I said…a work in progress.  We all have things we don’t like about ourselves. Things we want to change. With my yoga practise I am slowly beginning to focus on my talents, instead of my downfalls and imperfections. Just imagine how boring the world would be if we were all good at everything. What the heck is perfection anyway?? All we can do is use our talents, and yes we all have one! To help each other and continue to work on things we would like to change. Be patient with ourselves and each other. This brings me to….

  1. Patience

It truly is a virtue! Have you ever stood or sat in a very uncomfortable yoga pose you couldn’t wait to get out of? Waited impatiently in line at the grocery store? Skipped to the end of a book? As a society we are programmed to get to the finish line quickly and to always be going. Meditation and yoga is designed to help us enjoy the journey just as much as we enjoy the accomplishment. Take a pause, stop and smell the roses, if you will. The way we feel in specific poses tells us a lot about the way we are going through life. Are you enjoying the asana or are you eager to get to the next one?

  1. Openness

In just about every fitness routine it’s about tightening, contracting, speeding up, etc. Yoga is all about lengthening, breathing, stretching and opening. It is the rebel of the fitness world and I love that! It spills into real life in so many aspects; welcoming other people, new experiences, nature, and different ways of doing things. I find this holds true especially in chest openers such, cobra, boat or cow arms. I like to think this because we are opening our heart chakra in these poses where we hold our ability to love.

  1. Courage

If it wasn’t for teaching and practicing yoga I would have never had the courage to start this blog. Enough said!!!!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading my first blog. Please leave a like and your comments below. Also watch my Yogalicious Life YouTube instructional yoga videos. I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as well.


12 thoughts on “Namaste!

  1. Hi Marta,
    Thanks so much for following my blog and bringing me over to yours. You can some really good points here, which I intend to take on board for myself. I have been doing some intensive thinking this week, after a family friend’s husband took his life. He was a well-known successful chef and after reading up about him, I came across a site for chefs in crisis and read some really alarming personal accounts of battling with drugs, alcohol, anxiety and depression and a few stories of how they came out of it. As a creative myself, I am well aware the dangers of pressing certain buttons in the brain too much and ending up in trouble. I use photography as a relaxation outlet , particularly when I walk and absorb the environment through the lens. I think it’s a good means of relaxation for people who struggle to sit.
    I have calmed down a lot over the last couple of years and now find i quite easy to get more relaxed. I am loving yoga, though I’m very much a rank beginner. It gives me a surprising sense of well-being and I’m starting to understand why people really get into it.
    I hope you’ve had a great week.
    Best wishes,

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  2. Your follow is right on time. I’m just getting back into yoga after a few years. I can feel that familiar yearning for more. Thanks for the encouragement, the videos, and the follow!

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  3. Hi Marta, thank you for your follow. I had been doing yoga for a couple years. The gym keeps losing good instructors. The new instructors don’t know what they are doing or are not as flexible as many members in the class. Some are teaching a mix of yoga and something else. I got frustrated and stopped going to the class. I should try some other hours and see if the instructors are better. Thank you for your post.

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      1. Hi Marta, since I took a long break to find a good instructor, what you demonstrate is good for me to get back on the routine for now. I was at a point when I could do balancing on one foot, but it will take me awhile to get back to where I left off. I’ll let you know!!

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  4. Thank you for the follow Marta. Really nice to meet you. Odd coincidence is that
    I am looking for a yoga teacher at the moment, 8 years after stopping Ashtanga due to an injury. Thanks to the gym
    I sm in good shape again but miss the peace that yoga have me.

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    1. Nice to meet you as well as well. I’m sorry about your injury, I know what you mean about the piece yoga gives you. I know Astanga yoga is very challenging, yin is my favorite style at the moment because I find that it helps me heal. I’m not sure if you will find my style challenging enough but I would love for you subscribe to my YouTube channel also called yogaliciious life I hope it helps you get back on the yoga horse. Thank for your comment. Have an amazing week!!!!!


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      1. Actually I watched one of your videos after writing this last night. Your style would suit me well, I think. My ashtanga teacher was a lady in her sixties who confessed she had wrecked her back teaching ashtanga for so long, which is not really encouraging!

        You have a great week too Marta.😀

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